Panquility's "Hear us, See us" has been revamped for 2020!!!

During 2020 Panquility Steel Band will release a video every "Throwback Thursday".

The 2020 Throwback Thursday theme is
"20/20 a Look Back".

*Note* This does not replace our Press Corner for all known media on the internet regarding Panquility.

In 2020, every 1st Thursday of the month Panquility will release a new FULL VIDEO. The subsequent Thursdays, Panquility will release a new short VIDEO CLIP.

Schedule below.

Throwback Thursday - "20/20 a Look Back"

1/2/2020 - Video Recording from 10/05/2019 Bowie International Festival (YouTube) {Savannah Grass}

1/9/2020 - Video clip from 5/14/2016 Celebrate Takoma Festival (YouTube) {Pan in A Minor Jam Clip}

1/16/2020 - Video clip from 5/29/2016 Wedding in Washington D.C. (YouTube) {One Love Clip}

1/23/2020 - Video clip from 2014 Panquility Promo Video (YouTube) {Various tunes}

Video of the Panquility playing "Savannah Grass" on October 5, 2019 in Bowie, MD.

Press Corner

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